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MX200e-embedded eFPGA 

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Rapid Flex is committed to creating a disruptive FPGA design and software development methodology, choosing an innovative digital design process to replace the traditional analog layout. The self-developed engine ArkAngel® introduces fully customizable embedded FPGA(eFPGA) into the Programmable SoC (PSoC) solution, enabling a fast and seamless design-to-silicon experience. 

Our Vision

Giving new life to technology

Our Mission

Building a full-scale PSoC with agile eFPGA

Our Applications

Through the flexible and agile ArkAngel® methodology, the verification and commercialization of eFPGA design have been silicon proven, providing Rapid Flex with a wide variety of domain-specific and general-purpose products, which are
suitable for various target applications and vertical industries such as consumer, industrial, and automotive.


The Industry 4.0 revolution is unleashing a smarter, more connected world, and FPGA technology is enabling the high bandwidth and real-time processing requirements these applications demand at the edge.

The use of FPGAs is growing and expanding in new applications such as robotics, computer vision inspection, and predictive maintenance while continuing to maintain a key role in more traditional applications such as motor control and industrial networking.

FPGAs flexibility allows a single board or system to be customized to accommodate many varying and machine-specific protocols to meet the end user requirements.


Consumer's trends are difficult to predict and can quickly change, so to be successful you need to be extremely fast-to-market and be able to adapt your technology to innovate and attract early adopters.

Rapid Flex offers the most comprehensive portfolio of PSoCs and FPGAs combined with industry leading tools for software and hardware developers to meet your commercial and technical needs.


The telecom industry faces many design challenges due to rapidly evolving technology and standards. 5G deployments in multitude of use cases brings about a need to develop different equipment to address different needs.

FPGA technology plays a vital role in advancing new applications in telecom due to its high bandwidth, low-latency, and time to market advantages.

Rapid Flex’s solutions are ideally designed for data transmission and conversion, bridging protocols, and packet processing. They are optimally designed for wireless and wireline technologies such as remote radio heads, base stations, backhaul, routers, switches, and gateways.


Autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) require complex compute and sensor fusion capabilities.

Rapid Flex’s FPGAs aggregate input from sensors and monitors using a variety of in-vehicle communication protocols that are optimized for ADAS applications.

Infotainment applications such as navigation systems, headrest-mounted displays, smartphone integration, in-vehicle Wi-Fi, and vehicle performance management and monitoring all benefit from the flexibility and re-programmability of FPGAs.

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